Monday, July 20, 2015

Organization Monday - homemade wine storage upgrade

My husband likes buying tons of cheap fruits and turn them into jam and wine. Recently, he made quite a few bottles of pineapple wine. It smells amazing, but as a 36 week pregnant lady I didn't get the chance to try any.

Anyway, he usually saves a few bottles for our family and brings most of them to group parties during holidays. The next holiday should be Labor Day (???). These bottles of wine will have to stay with us for a month and half. My hubby just store them in the cardboard box that comes with the wine bottle purchase and put the box in the corner of our dinning room. Last week, I just couldn't tolerant that anymore.

I would like to purchase something fancy, like a metal wire basket to store the wine bottles. Something vintage looking like this.

It costs a lot of money. So I decided to make the storage functional and semi-beautiful.

First of all, I'd like to make a chalk label since it is so trendy now. Here is my inspiration from a ETSY shop.

Here is my much simpler version.
Chalk board labels and chalk pen (not shown in the picture above) are both from the Dollar Tree.

Next, instead of the cardboard box, I recycled a clear and sturdy filing box. The filing box is another organization story. I used this filing box for my family files-mine, my hubby's, my marriage, my work, my daughter, our investment, tax, etc. Then I realized I can actually fit all of theses file into one poly filing folder which takes way less space. Anyhow, the box ended up doing nothing in the house until now.
Now these wine bottles sit on the bottom of a shelf we have in the dinning room, not an eye-sore anymore.

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