Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Kid's Fun Wednesday - upcycle old music mat

I bought this mat last year from the local Goodwill. I knew there is some water doodling feature but my daughter was too young to draw anything at that time. I used this mainly as a music mat. It sings "Old MacDonald" and when you touch the animal drawing, it gives you the animal sounds. My daughter loved it for a while when she just learnt how to walk. 

Now it is just a old mat that is wrapped up in the closet.

I came up with up-cycling the music mat when I saw this product on
This is a pretty cheap toy. However, I already have something I can turn into this. 
I have this "Water WOW" from Melissa & Doug which BTW is a great, mess-free drawing activity book. However, my daughter played with it so many times now she barely touches it.

So, I grab the pen from this toy and have her use it on the mat. You've got a new toy!


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