Sunday, February 26, 2017

Pinterest: Win or Fail - All about Paint!

A few year back, I found out that Internet is a great place to find DIY inspirations. I started saving images all from blog posts in my laptop which got pretty overwhelming pretty soon. Soooooo many images, so many ideas! When I needed to find something I needed to browse through the icons (tiny picture) of all the images I saved in different sub-folders. 

Until one day, I found PINTEREST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I don't know how I can live without Pinterest. When I have a couple of minutes waiting for something or I can't fall asleep at night, I open my Pinterest app, check the new pins in the boards I am following, the DIY and craft board and the kids and parenting boards and I pin, pin and pin. Hey, Pinterest changed me into a PATIENT person. I don't mind waiting anymore.   

Collecting ideas through Pinterest becomes so easy. However, I find myself not trying anything I pinned. 

Today, I gathered three kids DIY from Pinterest I wanna try. They are all about paint. Win or Fail? Let's find out.

First, DIY BATH PAINT with three ingredients you already have at home.--totally a WIN!

original post is from Modernly Mogan in her DIY Bath Paint post.
I used 1 cup of shampoo, 1 cup of cornstarch and maybe 1 tbsp of water.
1. scale it down to your needs. I have two girls and a big boy (my hubby) at home so I made a big batch.
2. slowly poor shampoo into cornstarch
3. Have fun!

Second, DIY non-slip socks with PUFF PAINT--IT WORKS!
original post is from I AM Momma-Hear Me Roar in her Handmade Gripper Socks post.
1. Choose easier pattern to draw.
2. If you have a different brand of puff paint, give it a try and let me know. I just couldn't write smoothly with the brand I used.

This image pretty much says it all. I just couldn't use it to paint.
I tried to dissolve the salt in water first. Too much salt for the water, even warm water can't take that much salt.
I can't locate the original post. It seems to be from Reddit. When I googled "Never Buy Paint", all the images are the image I found in Pinterest which didn't help.

Well, do you have a Pinterest account and collect ideas about DIY, kids stuff? I'd like to share link with you.
Hope this post motivates you to try some pins. 
Have a lovely week!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

DIY Envelope Pillow Cover

Valentine's Day may be over, but pink is still in the air. I thought it is time to give my old throw pillow a new look. 

My old pillow cover is made from my old tiger tee. This is a post a did a while ago. 

It is well loved and used. Now it is getting a little worn out. Since I'm using this throw pillow in a rocking chair in my kids' room. I think it's better I choose a color that matches the room decor-fuchsia.

Things you'll need for this project,
fabric, I got mine from Joann's Fabric
Sewing machine
thread that matches the fabric color, in my case, white
ball pins

Here is the tutorial.

Now my girls can have fun with the pillow however they want. If it gets stained, remove the pillow cover, laundry and put it back. That is a must-have for moms who have small children.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Easy Valentine Cards that Kids Can Make

This is another easy DIY project for Valentine's Day. This is the one you can get you little ones involved. The kids will do sorting beads, threading, cutting, gluing all these fun activities in this project. 

I know you can go to Dollar Tree and find two cards for $1. Wouldn't it be more fun if you and you kiddos can make some?

Pipe cleaner + Pony beads Heart Card
You'll need
pony beads and pipe cleaners, both from Dollar Tree
washi tape, Micheal's
cardstock, Dollar Tree

Heart shape Cards

You'll need,
Scrapbook paper, Michael's
Washi tape, Michael's 
Cardstock, Dollar Tree

Here is the tutorial.

A picture of my 3 yr making these cards.

We made these for the teachers at my elder daughter's class. 

Have fun crafting with you kids.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Valentine Decor - Easy DIY Wreath for under $5

Having a decorative wreath on your front door is a good start to decorate for different seasons and holidays. I know how easy it is to grab a cute wreath from Target or Homegoods or even Thrift Stores. The question is where I am gonna store the cute wreaths and what if I don't like them anymore after one season (donation is always a good choice). I want to mention the work MINIMALISM here. I am not a minimalist and I assume I will never be but I quite fancy the idea of MINIMALISM.   I only have one wreath form so I can decorate them for different purposes. I don't need to worry about the storage issue or spend extra money. 

Enought being said, now material you'll need to create your own wreath,
wreath form, I got mine from Dollar Tree. you can find it in the aisle with the fake flowers
burlap ribbon or yarn
felt hearts, different colors. They can be found in any craft store or craft aisles of Walmart.
twine, I got mine from Target dollar spot

I would say the total cost is less than $5.

Here is the tutorial

I did use any glue so I can reuse the wreath and the felt hearts. For more ideas, check my other posts.

Final look of this wreath on my front door. I love it.

Happy Valentine's Day!