Friday, December 30, 2016

5 Min Christmas DIY - Tea Light Snowman

This effortless tea light snowman makes a great goodie for Christmas goody bag for the kids. It takes almost no time to make.

You'll need,
LED tea light, from Dollar Tree (2 for $1)
ribbon, check your stock
black permanent marker
super glue, from Dollar Tree
felt, black, I got mine from Walmart

Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Easy Christmas DIY-- Candy Sleigh

To make these adorable candy sleighs, you'll need,
Santa Chocolate, from Dollar Tree
Candy Canes, from Dollar Tree
Hershey Bars, from Walgreens

Any other candy you can find in your house.
Ribbons are optional.

To assemble the sleigh, put the Hershey bar on the bottom, pile candies on top of it to create a seating area for Santa. Have Santa seated. Then tape candy canes on each side to create the sleigh looking.

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I had great fun making these Christmas DIY projects.
Merry Christmas.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Easy Christmas DIY -- Decorate Dollar Tree Napkin Holder

You'll need,
clear napkin folder (Dollar Tree)
construction paper (Dollar Tree), I used the sparkling gold, red colar can also be cute for Christimas
scissors and exacto knife
I found the Sleigh Template from Pinterest that lins to this website

Here is the tutorial video.

Hope you give this a try!
More easy Christmas DIY posts are coming. See you soon.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving Craft for Preschooler -- Family Handprint Turkey

It is a easy fun craft for toddlers. Just some basic constraction paper. We used brown bag for color brown. 

The first day, she cut the hand-prints. My elder daughter is three. She just likes cutting activity.
The next day, she cut the brown turkey body, then glued everything on the big piece of scrapbook paper and drew the turkey eyes.

The final day, the glue was dry. She picked the numbers from two sticker sheets and mark her artwork "2016" on the right bottom corner. We hang it up on her art display wall together.

If you want to display your kid's artwork or all the cards you get for this holiday season. You don't have to make a trip to Ikea or Target and spend 15 or more dollars. Here is how

If your kids are still too little to do the cutting, still trace their cute little hands and do the easy work by yourself. It takes five minutes. This is the one we did when we were a family of three. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

5 min DIY Felt Flower Tutorial

It only takes 5 minutes to make one flower. I have a video recorded to show you how.

You'll need,
Felt fabric
Buttons and rhinestones for decoration
scissors, needle and thread
hot glue or superglue

I made a hair clip from the big flower. The small one is for decorating my daughter's blue sparkling shoes.

Happy weekend. Happy crafting!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

DIY Father's Day Card

This post is way too late. I still wanna share this idea with you because this card was so easy too make and I didn't even need a trip to the craft store. Just in case you need a cute card for next Father's Day. Here you go.

This superman card idea comes from this website.

I went through my scrapbook paper stash and found two cute styles - one for the shirt and one for the tie. I didn't need a pattern since it is pretty straight forward. freehanded the tie.
 The superman sign is from the Internet. Just google and find the one that pleases you. For this superman undershirt, I used blue, red and yellow construction papers.

Happy Father's Day, my lousy husband (but a great dad)!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

DIY easy butterfly wreath

I always look for things I can declutter in the house. I came across these paper butterflie I made a while ago for a project (Butterfly Pens). 
If you are interested in making these paper butterflies, click HERE.

Feels like a waste just to toss them. I really like them. Also my dad got me some butterfly foam stickers. 
I roughly arranged these butterflies on my old wreath I used for Easter wreath. I liked the look.
So I used white thread for foam butterflies and wires for bigger paper butterflies.

There, cost me nothing. I got this beautiful spring/summer wreath for my front door.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Washi Tape Organization

I like washi tapes. I mean, who doesn't. Whenever I see cute ones at Target, Walgreens, Micheal's sometimes eBay, I buy them. Over the past year, I've accumulated a lot.

At first, I put them in the pink lid plastic jar to display on my craft shelf, cute but hard to reach the one I want to use. Then I got more than the jar can handle so I put the rest of them in a small fish bowl.

Every time I wanna use one particular washi tape, I needed to dump all them out, find the one and put them all back. Effect makes using washi tape less fun.

Last week, I saw this multi pant hanger in a thrift store. I recall that I saw people using this kind of hanger to organize ribbons from Pinterest. I thought, I could use this to solve my washi tape organizing problem.

I used the four upper swing arms to store small washi tape rolls.

Now I have the bottom arm and big washi tape rolls. I used my spare shower hooks.

Now I can easily access to my washi tape.

Happy Monday! Happy Organizing!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Recycle to Treasure - DIY Diaper box storage bin

All right, Easter fun is over and it's time to pack up all of the goodies.

As a mom of two, I constantly get things delivered to the house from Amazon and Target. Instead of throwing the cardboard boxes into the recycle bin, I like keeping some of them for storage.

The trick is to find the MATCH. When I found this pair-one box perfectly nests in the other, I got excited to turn them into lid and box for storing Easter goodies.

Well, the lid is slightly too big. Hey, we live in real live and I am totally ok with this.

Now,  with some vintage style wrapping paper I got from the thrift store and chalk label from Dollar Tree, the storage bin is done.

It's time to get organized now.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Recycle to Treasure - DIY Makeup brush cleaning board

I usually do no-makeup-Sunday to give my face one day break and to clean all of the makeup brushes.
For the record, I do clean my eyeliner brush everyday using the e.l.f daily brush cleaner spray bottle and give it a deep clean with other brushes every Sunday.

It is so easy to make your own makeup brush board. I grabbed the lid of used The Body Shop body butter jar and drew some random patterns using my glue gun.
 To make your homemade cleaner, you'll need two very common household items. Shampoo and olive oil. I used jojoba oil because I almost ran out of olive oil.

There you go. Easy and cheap.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Baby's First Easter basket

My younger daughter is 7 month old now. She likes rattle toys and books (chew on them, open and close them). I've got some very simple and cheap goodies for her first Easter. Hope you get some ideas and inspirations.

1. Fabric Basket
Basket was purchased from local Target, last year Easter clearance, 90% off. It is such a soft fluffy basket for this little girl who chews on everything.

2. Wind-up Bunny
got from Walgreens, $0.99 
big purple Easter egg is M&M Easter candy egg. I enjoyed the candy myself.
Just wind it up and let the little one watch the bunny hop.

3. Tiny boardbooks for tiny hands
She already got into the tiny books when I was preparing her basket. That is how you can tell she likes it.

4. DIY special Easter rattle/lightning eggs

 jingle bell is from Dollar Tree
washi tape is from Walgreens
Both of these eggs are rattle toys that make gentle but interesting sound.

finger flashlight is from eBay
This is how the lightening egg looks like when it is slightly dark.

Her small basket is full now. Can't wait for her too see the whole thing this Sunday.

Happy Easter and Happy Spring!

Monday, March 14, 2016

DIY Easter Wreath for under $5

Really easy DIY. I just took a look at what I have in my "easter" storage bin and made a trip to Dollar Tree.
Wreath form $1, Dollar Tree
Burlap ribbon, $1, Dollar Tree
Easter eggs, from last year
fabric bunny, from last year
Ribbon and washi tapes, already have them at home
Twine, $1, Dollar Tree
VERY IMPORTANT, HOT GLUE. It is not shown in the picture above, because I ran out of glue sticks when I made this wreath. I used thread instead. I just really wanted to get this done when kids were napping. Trust me, hot glue will make this project even easier. 
 The burlap ribbon started to fray a little when wrapping. I kind of like this "organic"/"natural" look.
 Bunny hopped in.
 The pink ribbon just added a little bit color to the burlap.
 Don't forget the Easter eggs.
The top part of the wreath looked empty so I added a tiny bunting using the washi tapes and the twine.
It goes to the front door.
Happy Easter!