Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Baby's First Easter basket

My younger daughter is 7 month old now. She likes rattle toys and books (chew on them, open and close them). I've got some very simple and cheap goodies for her first Easter. Hope you get some ideas and inspirations.

1. Fabric Basket
Basket was purchased from local Target, last year Easter clearance, 90% off. It is such a soft fluffy basket for this little girl who chews on everything.

2. Wind-up Bunny
got from Walgreens, $0.99 
big purple Easter egg is M&M Easter candy egg. I enjoyed the candy myself.
Just wind it up and let the little one watch the bunny hop.

3. Tiny boardbooks for tiny hands
She already got into the tiny books when I was preparing her basket. That is how you can tell she likes it.

4. DIY special Easter rattle/lightning eggs

 jingle bell is from Dollar Tree
washi tape is from Walgreens
Both of these eggs are rattle toys that make gentle but interesting sound.

finger flashlight is from eBay
This is how the lightening egg looks like when it is slightly dark.

Her small basket is full now. Can't wait for her too see the whole thing this Sunday.

Happy Easter and Happy Spring!

Monday, March 14, 2016

DIY Easter Wreath for under $5

Really easy DIY. I just took a look at what I have in my "easter" storage bin and made a trip to Dollar Tree.
Wreath form $1, Dollar Tree
Burlap ribbon, $1, Dollar Tree
Easter eggs, from last year
fabric bunny, from last year
Ribbon and washi tapes, already have them at home
Twine, $1, Dollar Tree
VERY IMPORTANT, HOT GLUE. It is not shown in the picture above, because I ran out of glue sticks when I made this wreath. I used thread instead. I just really wanted to get this done when kids were napping. Trust me, hot glue will make this project even easier. 
 The burlap ribbon started to fray a little when wrapping. I kind of like this "organic"/"natural" look.
 Bunny hopped in.
 The pink ribbon just added a little bit color to the burlap.
 Don't forget the Easter eggs.
The top part of the wreath looked empty so I added a tiny bunting using the washi tapes and the twine.
It goes to the front door.
Happy Easter!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

5 min DIY - Dry Erase Chore checklist

Finally, I've got this DIY checklist board set up in the kitchen. 
The advantages of having this board,
1. With two kids in the house, sometimes I just lost track of what I was doing.
2. husband won't keep asking me what chore needs to be done. He can go to the board and pick the things he wants to do
3. Finish things at night so I won't be in the hurry in the morning.

I used,
picture frame (Dollar Tree),
Optional - Spray Paint

I bought the black frame from Dollar Tree. You can leave it black if you want to. I prefer white so I spray-painted white.
I created this chore checklist. You can download and modify it from here. routine checklist
I printed it out and put it in the frame. Hang it on the wall.

Easy like that.
Then it's time to grab my dry erase marker and check off the ones I finished so far.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

5 min DIY -- Personalize Baby Blanket

When my first daughter was born, I saw her wrapped up in her baby blanket. I thought it was so so cute and was determined to keep her first blanket forever.
I went online and ordered some iron-on name tags. I think the name tags are from TinyMe. Good quality but Pricy.

So for my second princess, I decided to go for a more affordable solution. 

I spotted this package of iron-on letters in Micheal's last year. It cost less then 50 cents. I had to get it. What am I gonna do with them? I had no idea back then.

Now, my second baby was born. My mom picked up this beautiful baby blanket for her. It is mint green color with cute giraffe print. The light orange colored iron-on letters are a perfect match for this blanket.
During baby's nap time, I took my iron out and read the instructions. Took me 5 minutes to get the whole "project" done. Yes, the letters are not aligned perfectly because I just eyeballed everything. I like how it looks. Perfectly imperfect.

Love you, my baby Ada.