Monday, July 6, 2015

Organization Monday - DIY necklace organizer

I've seen this kind of cork board necklace organizer everywhere in Pinterest. As my necklace grows this summer, I am in need of a organizer to keep them detangled and nicely displayed.

I found this cork board at Goodwill. It costs me $1.99. It looks new to me. It is a very nice piece of artwork for a girl's room. But we don't have a "Melissa" at home and do need a cheap cork board to start the project.

Materials needed:
cork board (Goodwill, $1.99)
push pins, staple gun
optional: painter's tape (Dollar Tree)
              white acrylic paint (Micheal's)
 I painted the frame white. Like I said, this step is totally optional. I just like it white. If you want paint the frame white, I recommend using spray paint. It will be much faster and the frame will look much better. I chose acrylic paint because I'm 32 week pregnant and can not stand the smell of spray paint.

Nest, staple the fabric onto the board.

Since I couldn't get the staple gun to secure the corners, I used clear push pins.

To protect the cork board from scratching the surface of my new dresser, I used some felt pads (Dollar Tree) to stick on the bottom of the board. 
You can use colorful pushpins to match your color theme. I just like the clear looking push pins.

 Here is the final look. The lighting in my bedroom is horrible.

Happy organizing.

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