Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Recycle to Treasure - DIY Diaper box storage bin

All right, Easter fun is over and it's time to pack up all of the goodies.

As a mom of two, I constantly get things delivered to the house from Amazon and Target. Instead of throwing the cardboard boxes into the recycle bin, I like keeping some of them for storage.

The trick is to find the MATCH. When I found this pair-one box perfectly nests in the other, I got excited to turn them into lid and box for storing Easter goodies.

Well, the lid is slightly too big. Hey, we live in real live and I am totally ok with this.

Now,  with some vintage style wrapping paper I got from the thrift store and chalk label from Dollar Tree, the storage bin is done.

It's time to get organized now.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Recycle to Treasure - DIY Makeup brush cleaning board

I usually do no-makeup-Sunday to give my face one day break and to clean all of the makeup brushes.
For the record, I do clean my eyeliner brush everyday using the e.l.f daily brush cleaner spray bottle and give it a deep clean with other brushes every Sunday.

It is so easy to make your own makeup brush board. I grabbed the lid of used The Body Shop body butter jar and drew some random patterns using my glue gun.
 To make your homemade cleaner, you'll need two very common household items. Shampoo and olive oil. I used jojoba oil because I almost ran out of olive oil.

There you go. Easy and cheap.