Friday, July 10, 2015

Hair Clip of the Month - 7/9/2015 simple ribbon crown

I've got a crazy-ish idea to make one hair clip for my daughter each month. I probably came up with this idea a year ago. One hair clip sounds pretty easy at first and then things got in the way and I forgot...

So this time, I decided to make the hair clip and blog about it. The date I choose to post the Hair Clip of the Month is the 9th because my daughter was born on the 9th. Alright, by blog posting it, I should have the motivation to do it every month. Let's see how long this project lasts.

The inspiration is from this picture I found in Pinterest. Very neat!

Picture from Pinterest. Original link is from Esty. Pink Princess Crown Hair Clip. I just checked the seller's website today. She's still got one in stock. Hurry up!

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