Monday, January 18, 2016

Trash to Treasure -- DIY vanity tray from iPad box

I needed a tray to keep some loose items on my vanity table last weekend. When I was browsing Target website I came up with this idea of upcycle the iPad box.

I really like the quality of the boxes Apple products come in. They are white, easy to color. They are so sturdy. I used to box to keep all of my iPhone cases. I've been through some declutter process after my second daughter was born. I only use water proof + shock proof iPhone case now, so I gave all of my fancy cases to a friend. Now it is time to give this box a new look.

I've never had an easier craft project. Here is the box.
I used the white-out to cover the black(silver) letters.
And I chose one roll of washi tape. That was it.
Hey, I admit it is not a glamorous vanity tray but it is functional.

Do you keep your iPad box? What do you use it for? Leave me a comment if you have good ideas of upcycling these boxex.

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