Thursday, September 4, 2014

Last day of infant class gifts - - Prickly pear jam

A week after my daughter's birthday, she transferred from infant room to toddler room. It was a big change for her. No bottles, no random naps, no frequent feeding, new room, new teacher and new friends. She is a big girl now.
My husband and I have loved the teachers in the infant room since day 1. We wanted to give them something homemade/handmade as kind of last-day-of-infant-room gift. 
My husband had this idea of making prickly pear jam since they are right in season.

We collected from the neighborhood. 

Picture from

DO NOT touch prickly pears! Use a knife and cute right into the bucket!

Cut and mesh.

We used three layers of cheese cloth to filter the spines and skin out.
I also used a ginger pressed to help squeeze more juice out. This is totally optional. It only helped a little bit.

We used the blueberry jam receipe. You'll need sugar, pectin and large pot.

Here we are. Jam in the jars.

I used some wrapping paper, twine, labels and paper butterflies to decorate the mason jars.Click here if you wanna try to make the paper butterflies.

A closer look.

Packed them in a bag. Ready to go.

My dear hubby found a heart shape prickly pear. How cute!
The message he left me!

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