Wednesday, September 24, 2014

DIY magazine folder makeover using Dollar Tree wrapping paper

I've got two ugly old magazine folders forever. They are totally functional-holding my Parents and Glamorous magazines well. They are in the corner of my shelf so I don't see them that much UNTIL TODAY.
I just couldn't tolerant!

To give it a new girly look. I used polka dot wrapping paper from Dollar Tree.
You'll also need knife, scissors.
I have read about homemade mod podge from Pinterest and now it is time to give it a try.
I used 2 parts of school glue and 1 part of water. It worked very well. Some containers to mix glue and water and the paint brush to apply the "mod plodge".

Now, here comes the new look

I used the cute bow tape to define the label area.
I got the tape from Ebay.The one I used is currently out of stock. :-(

An easy 5-minute project. Give it a try.
See you next week.

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