Thursday, May 22, 2014

Weekend DIY - Butterfly pens

 I saw this paper butterfly in Pinterest last week and immediately decided to try it.
The original post is Cute DIY Butterfly Ideas 
That post is full of diy butterfly ideas. Totally check it out!

Here is what you need to make the butterfly pen.
To make the paper butterfly, you need,
poster papers in various colors, dollar tree <$1/each
liquid paper correction fluid 
To decorate the pen, you need,
tape, I used washi tape, local Target, $2.5
a boring looking pen

  Here is how I made the butterfly.

You can use this to decorate anything you like or just put it somewhere on your desk. 

But I used it to decorate my pen.

There you go. You have beautiful pens that might make you want do some homework!

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