Sunday, February 19, 2017

DIY Envelope Pillow Cover

Valentine's Day may be over, but pink is still in the air. I thought it is time to give my old throw pillow a new look. 

My old pillow cover is made from my old tiger tee. This is a post a did a while ago. 

It is well loved and used. Now it is getting a little worn out. Since I'm using this throw pillow in a rocking chair in my kids' room. I think it's better I choose a color that matches the room decor-fuchsia.

Things you'll need for this project,
fabric, I got mine from Joann's Fabric
Sewing machine
thread that matches the fabric color, in my case, white
ball pins

Here is the tutorial.

Now my girls can have fun with the pillow however they want. If it gets stained, remove the pillow cover, laundry and put it back. That is a must-have for moms who have small children.

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