Monday, March 14, 2016

DIY Easter Wreath for under $5

Really easy DIY. I just took a look at what I have in my "easter" storage bin and made a trip to Dollar Tree.
Wreath form $1, Dollar Tree
Burlap ribbon, $1, Dollar Tree
Easter eggs, from last year
fabric bunny, from last year
Ribbon and washi tapes, already have them at home
Twine, $1, Dollar Tree
VERY IMPORTANT, HOT GLUE. It is not shown in the picture above, because I ran out of glue sticks when I made this wreath. I used thread instead. I just really wanted to get this done when kids were napping. Trust me, hot glue will make this project even easier. 
 The burlap ribbon started to fray a little when wrapping. I kind of like this "organic"/"natural" look.
 Bunny hopped in.
 The pink ribbon just added a little bit color to the burlap.
 Don't forget the Easter eggs.
The top part of the wreath looked empty so I added a tiny bunting using the washi tapes and the twine.
It goes to the front door.
Happy Easter!

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