Sunday, March 6, 2016

5 min DIY - Dry Erase Chore checklist

Finally, I've got this DIY checklist board set up in the kitchen. 
The advantages of having this board,
1. With two kids in the house, sometimes I just lost track of what I was doing.
2. husband won't keep asking me what chore needs to be done. He can go to the board and pick the things he wants to do
3. Finish things at night so I won't be in the hurry in the morning.

I used,
picture frame (Dollar Tree),
Optional - Spray Paint

I bought the black frame from Dollar Tree. You can leave it black if you want to. I prefer white so I spray-painted white.
I created this chore checklist. You can download and modify it from here. routine checklist
I printed it out and put it in the frame. Hang it on the wall.

Easy like that.
Then it's time to grab my dry erase marker and check off the ones I finished so far.

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