Sunday, December 13, 2015

Weekend DIY - penguin pillow

I found this cutest penguin pillow on Youtube Ann Lee's channel. She's also got a cute owl pillow in that Youtube video. Go check it out and see which one you prefer.

I just sketched the pattern. I folded the paper in half, only drew the right side and cut.

In the original video, Ann used fleece which makes the pillow super soft and cozy. I didn't wanna run out to Joann in this cold night. So I just used the black and white felt fabric I already have at home.

Got the penguin outline done.

Fill in eyes and nose.
Sew it along on the wrong side.
I did leave a small hole so I could stuff the penguin.

More 3D looking now because of the stuffing.
Dress up the penguin the way you want. A pink bow?

Or a Christmas hat!
Wouldn't this make a great home decor piece for Christmas??!!

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