Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Kid's Fun Wednesday - DIY simple play mat tee shirt

My husband is out of town for a couple of days. I made this really simple play mat using his old (semi-old) white tee shirt to surprise him. 

I have all of materials I need to do this project. 
White tee shirt
Fabric pens. I got mine from Jo-ann a long time ago. I believe you can now find fabric pens from Dollar Tree. How awesome!
Outline the road first using the black fabric pen. Please ignore the unfinished pool.
Then add the details.
What are the places my daughter likes in town?
Playground, pool, Mcdonald's.
Daycare. We like La petite Academy.
We just recently bought her a bicycle. So I added a bicycle in front of  the house.
She just learnt the shape octagon and I've been pointing stop signs to her. 
Since we live in Arizona where there are a lot of saguaras, I added two saguaras.
And her toy cars (from Target dollar spot), toy motorcycle.

Before my husband got home, my daughter is having fun playing with it on the area rug.

Let me share with you these awesome posts that inspired me.
I got the idea of making the play mat out of my husband's tshirt from the blue basket.

The playground from how does she's road rug is really simple and cute.

Cookcleancraft pretty much has everything you need to build your own town.
Picture from

I had the road on my play mat zig-zaged just like this from agirlandagluegun's car mat.

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