Friday, August 22, 2014

Travel tips -- FREE organize cubes/container

We are heading to Florida tomorrow for a short vacation. Yeah!!!
I wanna share with you very simple packing tips using FREE organizers/cubes/containers.

1. hair accessory bag--FREE

 I kept this cute package for panty liners because it's so cute! It holds five hair clips (three shown in the picture, more added later) and a box of of hair elastics.

2. all beach essential in one bag--Free

I like the idea of having cubes packing different categories of stuff so nothing shifts in the luggage. I always keep the heavy duty plastic packages that come with the bed sheet, mattress cover or gift set of lotion/nail polish etc. 

3. old contact lens case?--- travel size lotion container!--FREE

 Have you got an old contact lens case sitting around doing nothing? Now it's time to use it. Left for day use moisturizer with SPF and right for night cream!

4. Samples--FREE

Yes. Samples. Do you shop in Sephora or Drugstore? You must have a lot of samples. Now it's time to bring them with you and use them!

5. Jewelry  organizer--only $5

Three layer jewelry box. First layer, bracelet. Second, rings and ear studs. Third, necklaces. Snap button, everything is safe here now.
 I got this from ebay.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!

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