Thursday, August 14, 2014

DIY Happy 1st birthday tee for little boy

My nephew's birthday is in August. He is one year old now! Only 35 days younger than my daughter.
I wanted to send him something special for his first birthday.
Here is my DIY first birthday tee.
I bought two plain tees from local Target. They cost $5 each.
For the white one, I decorated it with the number 1.
The felt chevron patter fabric is from local Walmart. Pretty, isn't it. Simply cut out the shape.
I used the "heat and bond" to attach the felt "1" to the tee. Use the purple package if you want sew later.

Then I used white thread to further secure the number.
It's done! A 10 minute project.

The second one is a red-grey stripe tee. I thought some blue letters will stand out.
I bought some iron-on letters from local Walmart. I believe they are less than 4 bucks.
Follow the instructions on the package.
Cut apart the letters and place them as desired. The transfer sheet (shiny plastic looking layer) side up.
Set the iron on "cotton" setting. Evenly apply heat to each letter.

Peel off the transfer sheet.
The letters have the flocked texture.
And final look.

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