Thursday, May 29, 2014

Decorate wall planner

 Before the end of May, I need to have a post about how a decorated my wall calender for this month. 

It looked like this in March and April. Not organized. Not cute at all.

I started from cleaning it. 
This is a laminated wall planner. The size is like a poster.
I didn't buy the cleanser for this planner.
I just used baby wipes. It worked great.
For some tough spots, I used nail polish.
To decorate it, I used the window cling decals from local Target. 
They are Easter themed decors. Since it's not for Easter decor, I just used the sun, flowers and butterflies and skipped the Easter eggs and bunnies.

Keep this in mind!!! A week after Easter, they are 90% off. 
I got them for 25 cents each. I think I got 4 of them.

It looks pretty cute except for the marker holder.

As you can see, I cut girl scout cookie box and turned it into a marker holder. 

For the outside of the holder, I used some matching color wrapping paper.
And I used acrylic paint (white, Micheal's <$1).

I like how it turned out.

Final look!!!

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