Saturday, June 20, 2015

Weekend DIY - monkey finger puppets

My 2 year old daughter really likes the "five little monkeys jumping on the bed" song.
If you don't know that song, here is the Youtube link,

I like crafting, but I'm very lazy. I would totally make one monkey finger puppet using my Youtube time. But five of them??!! Then I came across this youtube video. 
Make the finger puppets WITHOUT SEWING. Glue can save me a lot of time!

So here it goes. I made six monkeys.
Materials you'll need if you wanna do this project,
dark brown felt and light color felt, local Walmart or craft stores. Here are the shapes I cut out. Bodies, faces and ears.
The monkey pattern is from a blog post and I simplified the face part a little bit.

You'll definitely need glue. I glued the face to the body. I tried the Fabric Fusion first which did NOT work at all. The oldie but goodie hot glue worked very nicely.

Yes, at last I did sew.  I did that to make the finger puppets last longer. You don't have to. Hot glue works pretty well with felt fabric.

Now My daughter and I can sing five monkey song while playing with the monkey finger puppets.

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